April 2017 – When Missy Arrived

Silas, from the day you found a picture of Snuggles in your kids mag, you wanted him. You got him for Christmas but still, you wanted a real dog. It had been on my mind for such a long time that one day we would get a dog, but it was never the right time. Well when I decided to start my search, I got a bit obsessed. I couldn’t go through a day without searching for a dog to rescue. I finally found Missy and I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her picture and the way she was described as being great with kids. So we went to meet her and although we were told that we could go home and think about it before committing, none of us could leave without her and we brought her home with us that night.

She has been so shy and timid and very unsure of us all, especially you kids, but from week one to week two, she’s begun to warm to us more and I can see she will forever be a beloved part of our family. You guys have been so awesome with her and I know she is beginning to trust you.

I’m so proud of you all ❤



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