Hour by Hour – {14:30-15:30} – Melbourne Family Documentary Photographer

Hour by Hour.

A project collaboration with my talented friend Jess, please be sure to head on over to check out her hour too!

Showcasing our daily routine one hour at a time. Starting from the early hours of the morning, until the very end of the day, we are sharing our life with you.

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that we really take for granted. The moments we hang out, not doing much, but together. The rush of getting dressed and getting the breakfast routine done and dusted. The school run. The never ending supply of laundry. Sitting together for mealtimes.

I don’t want to force my family into activities that they have no interest in, just to get a pretty photo. They won’t appreciate those memories in 30 years. They will appreciate that we lived. We lived together, we fought, we cried, we laughed, we played. We enjoyed life.

This is our story.

Sebastian has been watching and listening to Silas reading his reader and doing his homework and has started showing some interest in spelling and sounding out words. He’s beginning to move on from the when he would play the I Spy game like this – ‘I spy with my little eye, something beginning with Car, CAR!!’ I often take note of the games and activities provided at his Kinder and saw one with wooden pegs and alphabet/numbers on them. I’m not sure what the activity actually was so I made up my own and just got him to peg the letters in order of the alphabet or his name. I half expected him to frown and tell me he’d rather play Xbox but to my surprise he was actually quite thrilled at the idea of learning something he had already been working on whenever the moment would arise.

He needed some help with some letters but I’m so proud of him and his willingness and excitement to learn. I always thought Silas was the more school oriented child but it just goes to show what a difference a year or even just 6 months can make, not to mention the influence of your older sibling.

We usually (when I’m not distracted) leave to pick Silas up from school at around 3ish. I let Sebastian continue his peg activity for a little longer than I should have and we ended up having to rush off to school.

At the school, they’ve just recently added some grass just outside the classroom and without fail, they want to play and run around on in every single day. I do love watching them get some fresh air though so I don’t mind waiting for them for a few minutes before dragging them away whinging!

14:30-15:30 – School pick up



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